YTM Puzzle - CF-CPY

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Built in August of 1942, Douglas serial No. 4665 spent the first three years of her life in the camouflage war colours of the USAAF, flying transport missions in India and China. 

At the end of the war, she was sold to Grant McConachie's newly formed Canadian Pacific Airlines, converted to the civilian DC-3 configuration, and given the Canadian registration CF-CPY. She flew for CPA for 15 years. During the 1950s, CPA upgraded their fleet to Convairs and DC-6B's and this aircraft was assigned to domestic routes, including the Whitehorse-Mayo-Dawson run. 

In 1960 she was sold to Connelly-Dawson Airways of Dawson City. For the next six years she worked as a bush plane operating in wheels or skies hauling supplies north into places such as Old Crow and Eagle Plains. From 1966 until her last flight in November 1970 CF-CPY was again based in Whitehorse, serving the Yukon charter and scheduled routes of Great Northern Air. 

The Yukon Flying Club undertook the task of restoring this northern veteran to its original Canadian Pacific Airlines colours for permanent display in 1977. She now pivots on her mount as the world's largest weathervane, her nose always pointing directly into the wind. 

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