Lady On A Pedestal

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This book by Gordon Bartsch tells the story of the CF-CPY plane. This plane's final resting spot is now wind vane at the Yukon Transportation Museum, where she can be admired by those travelling the Alaska Highway.

Flying above the Arctic Circle in the 1960s required skill, ingenuity and a good share of luck. In his book, Lady on a Pedestal, Gordon Bartsch recounts from a pilot’s perspective how he used all three to create an airline serving the Big Dipper Route in the Yukon Territory. It is a tale, documented with logbook entries, personal letters and news clippings, about the two ‘ladies’ that played pivotal roles in his entrepreneurial venture at the top of the world.

The story’s heroes are a converted DC-3 (CF-CPY) and a young woman who earned the right to fly the Big Dipper Route from the left seat. Dawn and Gordon Bartsch shared a great adventure with a great airplane. Today CF-CPY sits atop her pedestal in Whitehorse, turning into the wind, a testament to the Yukoners who did, and continue to do, what others said couldn’t be done.

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